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Immersive Tours

Discover the future of visual marketing

Step into a new era of visual marketing with Maution Agency. We specialise in providing immersive FPV drone tours and interactive 3D tours tailored for various industries, including hospitality, property, and entertainment. Our innovative services are designed to captivate your audience, showcasing your spaces in a way that static images and traditional videos simply cannot match.

Whether you aim to enhance your online presence, attract more visitors, or elevate your property listings, our cutting-edge technology ensures your spaces stand out.

Interactive 3D Tours: Engage and Captivate

Immersive Viewing Experience:

Step into the future of real estate marketing with our Interactive 3D Tours. By enabling potential buyers to explore properties from every angle, our tours provide a comprehensive view that static images simply cannot match. These interactive experiences allow users to move through spaces at their own pace, offering a virtual open house available 24/7.

Benefits of Interactive 3D Tours:

  • Increased Engagement: Keep potential buyers engaged longer, significantly boosting their interest and the likelihood of inquiries.
  • Always Open: With round-the-clock access, prospective buyers can explore properties at their convenience, breaking the barriers of time and location.
  • Detailed Highlights: Easily highlight critical features of the property, from intricate design details to expansive layouts.

Advanced Technology for Lasting Impressions:

Utilising the latest in 3D scanning technology, Maution Agency crafts high-resolution, captivating virtual tours that are sure to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Cinematic FPV Drone Tours
Unleash Unforgettable Views

Elevate Your Listings with Aerial Excellence:

Transform how your properties and venues are perceived with our FPV drone tours. This cutting-edge technology offers dynamic perspectives, making traditional aerial footage look static in comparison. FPV drones provide a fluid, engaging video experience that showcases the grandeur and scope of any space

Benefits of Cinematic FPV Drone Tours:

  • Create Emotional Impact: FPV tours provide a sense of immersion and excitement that traditional photography cannot match.
  • Showcase Expansive Properties: Capture large estates, stunning landscapes, and breathtaking views with ease.
  • Highlight Unique Features: Offer a bird’s-eye view of pools, outdoor living areas, and captivating surroundings.

Professional Production for Unmatched Quality:

Our team of skilled drone operators and creative editors work tirelessly to produce mesmerising visuals that not only attract but also deeply engage potential buyers.

Elevate Your Production Quality

We create a strong emotional impact by providing an exhilarating viewing experience that standard videos cannot achieve for a wide range of industries




The Point Retreat

Witness the blend of luxurious interiors and natural splendour of the Point Retreat at Bremer Bay through a continuous FPV cinematography shot.

Glide effortlessly from room to room and then soar outside to reveal the panoramic ocean views that make this retreat truly extraordinary.

Kangaroo Creek Chalet

Let’s skim across a peaceful lake, and duck into a super cozy chalet.

WA Motor Museum

Fly through at the Motor Museum of Western Australia with an FPV drone

Karma Hotel

Immerse yourself in the serenity and elegance of Karma Hotel, all in a seamless shot that captures the essence of relaxation and indulgence.

Solitaire Homestead

Discover the serenity for Dunsborough country side

Villa Serenity

This captivating video showcases the villa’s large openings, relaxing ambiance, and proximity to the beach. See how effortlessly the drone navigates through the property, highlighting the spacious interiors and stunning surroundings.

Transform Your Property Listings

With Maution Agency’s advanced real estate marketing solutions, you can set your listings apart and captivate a broader audience. Whether it’s through spellbinding 3D tours or breathtaking FPV drone footage, our services are designed to elevate your marketing efforts and achieve faster, more effective sales results.

Contact us today to discover how our innovative approaches can revolutionise your real estate listings and leave a lasting impression on the market.

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