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Aerial cinematography

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Aerial Videography Excellence

From high-octane sports events to serene real estate tours, our FPV drones have captured it all. Here are some highlights:

The Point Retreat

Witness the blend of luxurious interiors and natural splendour of the Point Retreat at Bremer Bay through a continuous FPV cinematography shot.

Glide effortlessly from room to room and then soar outside to reveal the panoramic ocean views that make this retreat truly extraordinary.

Blossom Festival Perth

Join us as we soar through Perth’s electrifying Blossom Festival with our FPV drone. This video captures the essence of the electro/lifestyle event. We offer a unique, immersive perspective on the festival’s vibrant atmosphere.

WA Motor Museum

Fly through at the Motor Museum of Western Australia with an FPV drone

Solitaire Homestead

Discover the serenity for Dunsborough country side

WA Concreting

Thrilled to showcase our latest project for WA Concreting—a captivating FPV flight capturing cutting-edge construction technology!

Elevate Your Production Quality

FPV drones offer a unique and immersive filming experience. Unlike traditional drones, FPV drones can fly closer to the action, navigate tight spaces, and capture dynamic shots that elevate your production. This technology allows us to create engaging, high-energy footage that traditional drones simply can’t match.





Full Production Services

At Maution Agency, we don’t just provide aerial footage – we offer full video production services. From concepting and pre-production to extensive visual effects and audio engineering, we handle every aspect of the production process. Let’s have a chat about your next concept and how we can bring it to life with our comprehensive services.

Our Drone Fleet

Each shoot demands a specific type of drone. We’ll collaborate with you to determine the best choice for your production. If the perfect drone for your project doesn’t exist yet, we’ll create a custom setup to meet your needs.

Small FPV Drone

Our small drones are perfect for any situation requiring close proximity to people. Weighing under 250 grams, these drones can be flown ensuring safety and flexibility.

fpv drone australia

Cinema Camera FPV Drone

For high-end productions, our heavy-lifting drones can carry cinema cameras. We provide an HD downlink straight from the camera, offering a realistic preview.

fpv drone australia

Waterproof Drone

Our waterproof drones are ideal for capturing shots near fresh or saltwater, allowing for stunning aquatic scenes without risking equipment damage.

High-Speed Drone

Our high-speed drones are perfect for fast action and sporting events. They can keep up with the fastest athletes and vehicles, ensuring you never miss a moment of the action.

fpv drone australia

Special Projects

Some projects require specially built drones to get the job done. With our engineer, we can design and build custom drones tailored to your specific needs.


we look forward to working with you!